LAST CHANCE FOR YOU TO LEARN (TOTALLY FREE) FROM One of the UK’s largest private landlord’s, Gold and Silver specialist, multi-business owner, author of the best selling lifestyle book ‘THE RICH RULES‘, self made Multi-Millionaire, Kevin Green, at his KEVIN GREEN WEALTH TRAINING in Australia for LAST time. 

You will need to take advantage of this last chance if you want to benefit from the teachings of the methods such as the the below “Taster Session”

It was filmed for you specifically, for this training to enable you to get an idea of what we will be covering. I will run through this again at the event and answer any queries you may have during the Q & A at lunch time (if you have registered for the VIP session) – if you haven’t registered for a VIP ticket, please click this link (opens in a new window) or the image below the video to register your place.


















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Don’t forget to register for the VIP only Q&A at lunchtime and a sit down 2 course meal with me where I will answer any queries you may have: